Refurb OEM Seiko Hour Hand for SKX007 / Turtle Dive Watches

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Genuine Seiko Hour Hand for SKX173 Dive Watch (1FH090FABL1)

Genuine Seiko Hour Hand for SKX007 and Turtle Dive Watches for sale; fits nearly all Seiko diver models. Features Lumibrite lume. Excellent finish. OEM product, new without tags or original packaging in most cases.

Product Specifications
Brand Seiko
Hour Hand ref. 1FH090FABL1
Minute Hand ref. 12BF2LKM
Second Hand ref. 12SB24BSR
Color Gray / Silver
Related Case Numbers 6309-7040, 6309-7049, 6306-7000, 6306-7001, 6309-7290, 6309-729A, 7002-7000, 7002-7001, 7002-7009, 7002-700A, 7002-700J, 7002-7039, 4R36-04Y0, 7S26-7020, 7S26-7029, 7S26-7028, 7S26-0020, 7S26-0029
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Be satisfied and content with your purchase of a high quality, hand-crafted watch from NXTSKO. We're always here to help, and Refurb OEM Seiko Hour Hand for SKX007 / Turtle Dive Watches has your name on it. Go for it!

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 02, 2021