G10 Nylon Watch Strap Military Style by NXTSKO - 22mm

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 Nylon Watch Strap Military Style by NXTSKO

True to its roots, our G10 nylon straps are fashioned from military-grade nylon with brushed stainless steel hardware. Originally developed by the British Military, the general design dates back to 1973 when these straps were added to the ministry of defense's catalog of standard issue gear. 

Our nylon strap prevents metal from touching the skin of the wearer, wicking moisture away from the skin. The G10 is beloved for its durability and a wide degree of adjustments keep the watch case secured comfortably against the wrist. The design of the strap keeps the watch affixed to the wearer's wrist even if a springbar fails. 

The one piece strap slides through the lugs and over the spring bar of the watch case,  then folded back to secure excess strap.

While James Bond gets all the attention, we think these olive accented black G10 straps compliment a range of watch types. Durable, secure easy to clean and simple to swap for daily use.

The G10 Nylon Watch Strap Military Style by NXTSKO - 22mm is the product you didn't think you needed in this pandemic, but once you have it, you'll find it's something you won't want to live without. Especially once we're all out of quarantine!

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 17, 2021