SKX007 Case Back for NH35, NH36 movement by NXTSKO

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SKX007 Case Back for NH35, NH36 movement by NXTSKO

Casebacks suited for the NH35 and NH36 movements we prefer here at NXTSKO are in either in short supply, or come from Asian suppliers with unknown quality standards with slow, expensive shipping options.

We fixed the supply issue by ordering a metric boatload of high-quality NH35 and NH36 casebacks specially designed for use with the gray (thinner) movement spacer. Now offering fast shipping from the USA!

  • Material: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel (316L), gasket not included
  • Suggested Use: Best for NH35, NH36, NE15 movements with thin gray spacer
  • Finish: High Polish sterile case back
  • Water Resistance: Tested to 200M+
  • Dimensions: Same as OEM
  • Other: No case modifications required, apart from cutting stem to fit your case/movement combination

    Suitable For:

    • NXTSKO Custom Cases
    • SKX007 and variants:  200M Case Ref 7S26-0020
      • SKX007
      • SKX009
      • SKX011
      • SKX171
      • SKX173
      • SKX175
      • SKX401K
      • SKXA35)
    • Prospex Turtle: 200M
      • SRP773
      • SRP775
      • SRP777
      • SRP779
      • SRP787
      • SRP789
      • SRPC44
      • SRPC23K1
      • SRPC25K1
      • SRPC49K1
      • SRPC91
      • SRPC95
      • SRPA21
      • SUN065
      • SRPB09
      • SRPB11
      • SRPD01K1
    • Samurai
      • SBDA001
      • SBDA003
      • SBDA005
      • SNM009
      • SNM011
      • SNM017
      • SRPB009
      • SRPB49
      • SRPB51
      • SRPB53
      • SRPB55
      • SRPC93
    • SUMO
      • SPB051
      • SPB053 

    Gaskets not included. Pairs perfectly with our SKX007 Cases and Signed "S" Crowns and Stems. Case shown for reference purposes only. 

      The SKX007 Case Back for NH35, NH36 movement by NXTSKO is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it. Check out our customer reviews and you'll see why. Quality and craftsmanship reign at NXTSKO!

      Inventory Last Updated: Dec 02, 2021