Refurb OEM Seiko SkX007, SKX009, Turtle Hand Sets

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Genuine SKX007/SRPD hand sets. New, not in original packaging, and re-packaged as sets of hour, minute, and second hands. 

The hours and minutes hands are distinctive to Seiko and pull from the brand’s heritage. The hours hand is sword shaped and the minutes hand is a stylized arrow with a broad base; both are needle tipped and are sometimes referred to as "syringe" hands.

These hands are generously filled with luminous material (Seiko's own LumiBrite). Instead of stainless steel, these hands are trimmed in chrome. This offers a warmer appearance than what you get from stainless steel, aftermarket reproductions. These are the real deal!

The seconds hand features a long counterbalance with a lumed lollipop, bordered in black trim with a white pointer end. 

These Genuine Seiko hands features Seiko’s patented LumiBrite solution, known for its impeccable nighttime luminescence. That hands and markers are well packed with the stuff, and it lasts well into the night on a full charge.

Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on iconic Genuine Seiko hands with this rare opportunity!

  • Description: Genuine Seiko Luminous Hands for SKX and Turtle Models
  • Style: Syringe style
  • Dimensions: OEM dimensions
  • Finish: Chrome

  • Suitable for: Seiko Movements – 7S26 7S36 7S25 7S35 6R15 4R15 4R35 4R36 6309 7002 7006 (Vintage Quartz 7548) 7009. Seiko only – not suitable for ETA or MIYOTA
The Refurb OEM Seiko SkX007, SKX009, Turtle Hand Sets is provocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place. Put your own spin on life right on your wrist with this NXTSKO bad boy.

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