NXTSKO "1965 Master" Dive Watch SKX007 Resto Mod

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NXTSKO 1965 Master

NXTSKO "resto-mod" watches are designed and built by hand in Marin County, California. We start with a vintage or reclaimed dial we like, and build out from there to create distinctive watches you won't find anywhere else — literally. 

Like it's big brother, the NXTSKO 1965 Master takes vintage in a modern direction. The watch features an AR-coated sapphire crystal, a bulletproof hacking and winding automatic movement, 41 hour power reserve and detailed styling. The primary difference between this and the NXTSKO 1965 Master is the crown assembly and traditional SKX007-style crown guards. 

Case Shape


Bezel Type

LX - Polished & Brushed


MM1000 Silver


OEM Resist Black Dial Seiko Diver 7005 8052

Bezel Insert

Classic Style, Lumed Ceramic (Flat)


Regulated NH36A

Chapter Ring

Polished Silver


Signed "S" Crown


Sapphire, Double Dome, Blue Anti-Reflective 


All of our hand-built watches are assembled in a dust-free environment. Movements are regulated for accuracy prior to retail release. We guarantee our watches; contact us anytime if anything comes up. 

Why in the world might you be on the fence about this NXTSKO "1965 Master" Dive Watch SKX007 Resto Mod? Don't be. Check out our reviews page to allay your concerns! Style, craftsmanship and quality is what NXTSKO is all about.

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 03, 2021