Seiko SKX007 Bezel Click Spring Replacement OEM Specs

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 Seiko Replacement Bezel Click Spring. Direct fit with no case modification required. Just drop it in and refit your bezel. Excellent price and same quality you'll find in the OEM product at a much more aggressive price.

  • Stainless Steel Replacement Bezel Click Spring, 120 clicks when fitted
  • Case Reference – 7S26-0020
  • OEM number 8133-2897
  • SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35 – All models with case ref 0020
  • New SRPD Collection
  • 5 Sports collection – SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD55K1, SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD61K1, SRPD63K1, SRPD65K1, and SRPD65K4
  • 5 Suits collection – SRPD65K2, SRPD67K1, SRPD69K1, SRPD71K1, SRPD71K2, SRPD73K1, SRPD73K2, and SRPD75K1
  • 5 Specialists collection – SRPD55K2, SRPD65K3, and SRPD76K1
  • 5 Street collection – SRPD79K1, SRPD81K1, and SRPD83K1
  • 5 Sense collection – SRPD77K and SRPD85K1

 Full list of compatible models: 

  • Compatible Models: PWR072P, SBDA005, SBDA003, SBDA001, SBDA00C, SBDC003, SBDC001, SBDC007, SBJ201P, SDS097K, SDS097H, SDS099P, SDS099H, SDS101P, SDS105P, SDWA65P, SDWA61P, SDWA89P, SDWB03P, SDWB09P, SDWB27P, SDWC03P, SDWC02P, SDWC04P, SDWC47P, SDWC51P, SDWC48P, SDWD95P, SDWD93P, SDWD99P, SDWD97P, SDWE93P, SDWE93J, SDWE97P, SDWE97J, SDWE95P, SDWE95J, SDWE99P, SGEB63P, SGEB63J, SGEB67P, SGEB67J, SGEB65P, SGE367P, SGE368P, SHC038P, SHC037P, SHC042P, SHC041P, SHC039P, SHC039J, SHC043P, SHC051P, SHC059J, SHC057P, SHC057J, SHC056P, SHC063J, SHC061P, SHC061J, SHC059P, SHC069P, SHC067P, SHC065P, SHC063P, SHQ021P, SHQ023P, SJC032H, SJC036H, SJC034H, SKA447P, SKA445P, SKB004P, SKB003P, SKB002P, SKJ004P, SKJ004J, SKJ003P, SKJ001P, SKJ031P, SKJ048P, SKJ048J, SKJ045P, SKJ045J, SKJ115P, SKJ137P, SKJ167J, SKJ170J, SKJ169P, SKJ169J, SKJ167P, SKJ170P, SKS347P, SKS345P, SKS903P, SKS901P, SKS905P, SKXA33P, SKXA33K, SKXA35P, SKXA55K, SKXA53K, SKXA63P, SKX007, SKX009, SKX171K, SKX169K, SKX171P, SKX173, SKZ323K, SKZ330K, SKZ325K, SLJ007P, SLR003P, SLR001P, SMY001P, SMY005P, SMY003P, SNAD35P, SNAD61P, SNA053P, SNA051P, SNA049P, SNA167P, SNA165P, SNA163P, SNA169P, SNA537P, SNA535P, SNA533P, SNA531P, SNA547P, SNA545P, SNA621P, SNA619P, SNA617P, SNA625P, SNA625J, SNA629P, SNA629J, SNA627P, SNA627J, SNA631P, SNA631J, SNA693P, SNA691P, SNA689P, SNA717P, SNA715P, SNA713P, SNA711P, SNA797P, SNA797J, SNA795P, SNA799P, SNA799J, SND075P, SND077P, SND135P, SND133P, SND129P, SND137P, SND249P, SND247P, SND245P, SND401P, SND647P, SND645P, SND643P, SND649P, SNE109P, SNE107P, SNE245P, SNM015K, SNM011K, SNM009K, SNM017K, SNM033P, SNM031P, SRP453P, SBDC005, SRP637P, SRP641P, SBDC027, SBDC033, SBDC031, SBDB018, SBDC047, SBDB017, SPB077J, SPB079J, SPB083J, SPB087J, SPB103J, SPB101J, SPB105J, SPB097J, SRPD27P, SRPD25P, SRPD29P