Signed “S” Crown for NH35, NH36 Movements

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SKX007 Signed Crown for NH35 and NH36 Movements

We finish our NXTSKO creations with our own custom signed "S" crowns, crafted from surgical grade stainless steel and are making these available to the modding community with fast shipping from the USA. The triple-gasket design is pressure tested to 200M to provide water resistance while improving on the original single-gasket design of the original version. 

  • Material: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel (316L) with triple-gasket design
  • Stem Compatibility: Supplied DIY stem suitable for NH35, NH36, NE15, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, movements as well as standard 7S26 movements. Needs to be cut to fit for your particular build.  
  • Finish: High Polish with laser-engraved "S" on crown OR matte black
  • Water Resistance: Tested to 200M+
  • Other: No case modifications required, apart from cutting stem to fit your case/movement combination

Compatible with the following cases:

    Suitable For:

    • NXTSKO Custom Cases
    • SKX007 and OEM variants:  200M Case Ref 7S26-0020
      • SKX007
      • SKX009
      • SKX011
      • SKX171
      • SKX173
      • SKX175
      • SKX401K
      • SKXA35
    • Prospex Turtle: 200M
      • SRP773
      • SRP775
      • SRP777
      • SRP779
      • SRP787
      • SRP789
      • SRPC44
      • SRPC23K1
      • SRPC25K1
      • SRPC49K1
      • SRPC91
      • SRPC95
      • SRPA21
      • SUN065
      • SRPB09
      • SRPB11
      • SRPD01K1
    • Samurai
      • SBDA001
      • SBDA003
      • SBDA005
      • SNM009
      • SNM011
      • SNM017
      • SRPB009
      • SRPB49
      • SRPB51
      • SRPB53
      • SRPB55
      • SRPC93
    • SUMO
      • SPB051
      • SPB053 

    Pairs perfectly with our SXK007 Cases and SKX007 case backs for sale as well!

    The Signed “S” Crown for NH35, NH36 Movements is provocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place. Put your own spin on life right on your wrist with this NXTSKO bad boy.

    Inventory Last Updated: Dec 02, 2021