How to Install Adhesive Ring to Bezel Inserts

Installing adhesive rings to your bezel inserts can be a frustrating experience. The tissue-type adhesive stickers that ship with most bezel inserts work great, but installing them can be tricky.

Luckily, we have a foolproof method for installing adhesive backing to your bezel inserts and a video demonstrating how it all comes together. The whole process takes less than thirty seconds (when you're not narrating a video 😜. Video is below the instructions or visit our YouTube channel and subscribe for more tips like these. 

Parts, Tools & Materials Required for Adding Rings to Bezel Inserts

No special tools are really required apart from a pair of sharp tweezers and a 38mm coin case. However, if you plan on cranking out more than one of these at a time, I highly recommend: 

  • A pair of RHINO RH15 Tweezers (or Similar)
  • 38mm coin case with foam ring -- bottom of case only
  • Tissue tape ring cut to the size of your bezel insert (usually ships with the bezel insert)
  • The bezel insert of your choice

Step 1

Use a hobby knife to remove the center of the pre-scored adhesive ring. 

Step 2

Assuming you're right handed, place the adhesive ring on the left side of a clean work surface. To the right, place the bottom of the 38mm coin case with the foam insert sitting inside. 

Step 3

With your left index finger, press hold down the smooth backing paper containing your adhesive ring. Using your right hand, take the curved tweezers and carefully slip one tine under the left edge of the ring, but just slightly. The the tip of the tweezers should be in the center of the adhesive ring (between inner and outer edge). 

Step 4

Gently lift the tweezers from left to right and suspend the ring in air. Gently lower the backed side of the ring (non-sticky side) on the outside left edge of the coin case. While slowly lowering the tweezers and dragging the them across the coin case, you'll drop the ring into the protective foam center. To release the tweezers from the adhesive, simply turn your wrist counter-clockwise so only the tiniest part of the tip is in contact. Lift up and there should be enough friction between the ring and the foam its sitting in to keep it in place. 

Step 5

Flatten the ring in the coin holder as best you can with the tips of your tweezers. It doesn't have to be perfect -- just as flat as practical and in as few jabs as possible.

Step 6

Hold the bezel insert level above the coin holder. Gently lower the insert into the foam so that it remains centered. Push the insert down to make contact with the bottom of the coin holder and the adhesive ring is installed. 

Practice this a half dozen times and you'll have it down to less than 30 seconds. Good luck and happy modding!

Written by Jim Calhoun