Distinctive Designs. Precision Timepieces. Guaranteed.

NXTSKO stands for uncompromising quality, value and precision. The name is pronounced like Mex-i-co.

We use the highest quality automatic mechanical movements available from Seiko Instruments Incorporated (SII). These movements are miracles of modern watchmaking: low maintenance, bulletproof, and capable of incredible accuracy when properly regulated. There are an unlimited number of dials, cases, hands and more available for these popular movements and we take advantage of that to deliver watches built by automatic watch enthusiasts, for automatic watch enthusiasts.

We offer our own line of NXTSKO watches designed and assembled in California, and we import a selection of parts for production that we also make available to the Seiko-modding community at great prices, and fast, free shipping. You can also find NXTSKO on eBay.

Quality Watches. Unexpected Value.

As serious watch collectors, we know what makes a great watch. Impeccable finishing. Accurate and regulated mechanical movements. Functional and attractive design. We put all that plus our passion into every watch we produce for our customers.

Quality Starts with the Right Parts.

We've been building watches for years and have worked with a range of suppliers. We stock a limited range of "core" mod components that we source and make available to the modding community with aggressive prices and fast shipping.

All parts are compatible with Seiko SKX007 cases unless otherwise noted.

Chapter Rings | Bezels | Bezel Inserts | NH36 Movements with 4 o'Clock Day Wheel | Stainless Steel Case with Drilled Lugs | Double Dome Sapphire Crystals

Double Dome Crystal SKX007 for Sale

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